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Looks good, but after moving units I don't know how to end my turn !?. And Please, add windowed mode. On a big monitor it's a pain to play. Thx, I will follow this game closely.

Thanks for the feedback. I will add windowed mode as an option. End turn button is in bottom left corner (should be mentioned in tutorial, unless I've messed up) =D

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Thx, purchased and waiting for the updated demo. On my 3440x1440 big monitor I can't see the TurnEnd button, It's hidden outside the screen. A windowed mode should fix the issue. 

How much will cost the full version?

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The full version will cost 10$ and will be released in February, so the game is almost there =) I will try to push the update today so you can play it, but I'll fix any localization errors later.

UPD: I will try to make a proper letterboxing solution, I'll update the demo ASAP within a couple of days. Sorry for the delay.

I've updated the demo with 21:9 support. It should work now even in full-screen mode, but I've added windowed mode and resolution selection as well =) I hope that will help and please let me know if there is still a problem with this aspect ratio.

Works! Thx.


You should allow to disable analytics. I have an annoying screen open (see screenshot).

The game is great, and I'm sure most of the complaints will come from the visuals. IMO the default visuals should be Map Shimmer OFF, Low Bloom + Noiseless or Mainframe CRT.

I hope in the future you can add online multiplayer. 

And please, allow to zOOm on the map, very important.

Thank you, looking forward for the full PC and mobile versions.

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Hi and thanks for the suggestions!

The patch for disabled analytics should be up as you read this =) The game was designed for single-player only and will be very difficult to balance properly for an enjoyable multiplayer experience. And it would add complexity I want to avoid for my first project. The zoom feature was implemented but turned off until I can find a fix for the visual bugs it introduces.
I've also tweaked the default options in the recent version.

Here is a french presentation of the game. I really liked it, i will play more for sure.

Hi and thanks for the video =) Glad to hear you've enjoyed the game!

I give the game a 9/10, because at first the interface are really messy, the graphics after a while they give headache... Good game!

Hi and thanks fer generous score =D Sorry to hear visuals gave you a headache. I've recieved a few similar complaints, and added more options to remove effects that may cause eye strain (especially "map shimmer").